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Hassle Free Voice Over Solutions

quick turnaround, budget friendly and broadcast quality

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Hassle Free
lets you focus on serving your customer.
Budget Friendly
no hidden fees or extra costs.
Quick Turn
more time for the finishing touches that set you apart.

Don’t waste limited resources juggling last minute details and hassling with high maintenance VO talent.

Do you really have time to listen to hundreds of auditions hoping to find the right voice?

Can you afford to be hit with hidden costs and fees?

Unexpected delays can cost you money and your reputation.


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In the artificial world of predictable voices, Kevin’s tone, pace and authenticity stand out like a Norman Rockwell painting. He creates a thoughtful story through excellence and experience.

Jeffrey Fitzgerald


Kevin exceeded expectations… I highly recommend Kevin and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Sasha Aresteh - Shell

The uniqueness of
Kevin’s voice projects a balance of warmth & strength, which embodies the essence of
my firm’s brand. Sometimes it is that “little extra” touch that can make the difference.

Billy Granville - Granville Group

From the moment we heard your VO we knew you would be the right choice! You are not only talented but extremely professional to work with. Great work and thank you!

Working Pictures, Inc.


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