Hurricane Ike blew through the greater Houston area in September of 2008… just one week later I found myself unemployed for the third time in my career. After over a year of searching for and almost having other full time jobs working in my chosen field of radio, I have recently come to the conclusion that September 2008 is going to be the last time I will be a victim of corporate downsizing, position elimination, moving in a new direction or whatever they are calling it now.

I like many others have decided it is better to work for myself than to face the uncertainty that comes with what I once considered the best job on earth. So its official… I’ve dug out the storage room in my garage that I originally built as a home recording studio. It is now where I work every day. Some days more than others, but I am out there every day trying to put together enough voice over and production jobs to make a living. So far, it seems to be working out. I’ve decided that after 30 years or more of being on the air and behind the scenes in radio, that I still have allot to offer in the form of my voice, and my creativity and editing skills. Now all I need to do is figure out the best way to let everyone know that I’m here and doing what I do. In other words, how does a guy who creates advertisements advertise? Thus, the creation of this blog and the updating of my website

I have also realized that even though I have all these years experience behind me, I still need to learn… still need training… still need to practice my craft. I’m doing my best to attend seminars hosted by pros who have been successfully doing this kind of work for years. I’ve rediscovered the joy of reading and learning which had been all but lost while working the world of modern radio where very little is required of the talent outside of the ability to recite a few standard liners, give a brief forecast and punch a button now and then. I find myself soaking up knowledge like never before. My brain is like an old sponge that has been laying around drying up over the years and now its being revived with all sorts of new information, new technology, and new adventures.

For the past 5 or 6 months I have been doing some audio and voice over work for Mike Landry, host of the Purchase Like Pros radio show. It’s all about home improvements, with a focus on finding the right contractors and products to get the job done right the first time. The program airs on Saturday afternoons on “The 9-5-0” in Houston. Mike has kept my studio busy doing all of the promos, imaging and commercial production that goes into the making of his program. Here is one of the TV ads for an outdoor home show that Purchase Like Pros hosted this past weekend in Spring.

This is just one of several local clients I have recently completed work for. You’ll also hear my voice on some of the commercials and promos airing on AM 700 KSEV as well as KVCE, AM 1160 Highland Park, Dallas-Fort Worth. You gotta love modern technology that allows me to sit in my garage producing audio that is being used all around the world. Last week, I did a PowerPoint presentation that was being put together in Singapore. Before that I was doing a television voice over for a Phoenix, Arizona pawn shop.

I say all this to say thank you to all those who have helped to shape me into the person I am today. I have worked with and for some mighty talented and dedicated people in the past 30 plus years and every experience was preparing me for what I am doing now. Thank you for teaching me, mentoring me, putting up with me, guiding me, correcting me, encouraging me, and yes even firing me. Because it was during those tough times that I have been able to discover who I really am and what I am made of. I have also learned that the words to a song my children used to sing in Bible school are quite true! “My God is so big, so strong and so mighty… there’s nothing my God cannot do..”

And with Him on my side, there’s nothing I cannot do!


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  1. Not a better man to get this started. I’m sure you will eventually find success, because you will have a quality product they will not be able to say no to. Therefore, the limitation is reaching all of the possible positions you can interview for… many thousands of them. They will hear you, and will want to use you more. Just keep marketing. Irritates some, just a cost of doing business with others, but it works. Keep your name out there, and when the opportunity occurs, you will be remembered.
    Eventually, you’ll need a flunky. Think of me.
    Best of luck…. Ed

  2. Good for you!

    And – the accountant in me won’t let me leave this out – make sure you get all your tax/accounting needs set up from the beginning so that it doesn’t come back to haunt you later. I think I know of a good, free tax advice source . . .

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