Ready to Pay It Forward

Today, my faith in human kind was restored.

I hate to admit that I allowed myself to run out of gas but I did it. I was hoping beyond hope that I would have just enough to make it to the end of the Fort Bend Toll Road where a Kroger gas station was waiting… but no, my tank ran dry about a mile before the road basically dead ends into the Kroger parking lot. I coasted along down hill as long as the truck would roll and then set out walking.

Those who know where I live, know its not too far from where I was. Perhaps a couple of miles, less if I could have cut through the woods and private property to get there, but I didn’t. Amazingly enough, I only walked about 2 minutes before a car pulled over and a nice gentleman stopped to offer assistance. I explained where I was going, what the problem was and he said hop in. It was not something I would recommend for my wife or children to do, but from outward appearances, he was a nice man offering to help a guy in need. Thankfully, he was just that…nothing more.

Dave took me to my house, allowed me to bring an almost full can of gas into the front floor of his very clean car… and then drove me back to my truck and waited while I put the gas in and started it up! The entire episode which could have taken all afternoon, was over in a matter of minutes and we were both on our way feeling pretty good about life. He had helped someone and now I feel the need to pay it forward… so watch out. Someone out there is about to benefit from the kindness that Dave extended to me. I have no idea where or when it will happen, but I plan on making sure that it does… and I hope it continues to grow and grow from there.

This world could use a few more guys like Dave.

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