Three Friends In Need of Your Prayers

While most of us were enjoying our Thanksgiving feasts, visits with family and friends, vacations from working, and football games over the past few days, it was easy (*at least for me) to put the troubles of the world on hold for awhile. That was not the case for many others though… daily doses of chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments could not be put on hold…

I got back to Houston this evening just in time to go to work for 5 hours on the radio… I thought about how much I would rather not have to go to work tonight… but then realized quickly that at least I had this job to go to… and that I was physically able to go to work. I have plenty of friends who have no job… and others who physically cannot go to work.

In most cases, those who are out of work, will eventually find a new job. But those who are facing major health issues and are out of work too, often do not see much of a future ahead of them. They’re afraid. They’re trying to be strong. They want their lives back.

As you continue to thank God for your blessings, remember in prayer those who are not feeling as blessed these days. Pray for jobs… pray for healing… pray for peace.

Three friends of mine in particular need much prayer and support right now as they fight cancer. I hope you will join me in praying for them by name for the next week or so. Lift up their names before the Creator who has the power to give them life and health.

These are the names and situations for my three friends… I am sure you have others that you would like to share as well. If you do, please mention them in the comments section below and we’ll add them to the list.

Jo Knight… Jo lives in Fort Worth now… she is married to my good friend and business associate Cecil Knight…(former traffic reporter in Houston) Together they operate Knight Sounds, a mobile DJ entertainment company. Jo has been fighting cancer for many years. She is already a miracle in motion…but now she has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer too. She’s facing new Chemo treatments and the two of them are making regular trips from Fort Worth to Houston’s MD Anderson. They are self employed, so you can imagine the situation of trying to run a business and deal with a crisis like this at the same time. The physical and financial tolls are astounding.

John Prince (aka John Hourani) is my good friend from the world of radio. He had surgery to remove some brain tumors in July of 2009. After months of hospitalization and rehab he was finally declared cancer free and was regaining the use of the left side of his body which was left paralyzed after the surgery to remove the tumors. He did great for about a year, then the cancer came back. John is now back in MD Anderson getting checked out after a new round of chemo and radiation to treat tumors on both sides of his brain this time. John has been out of work since before the first surgery in 09… Cobra ran out since then too and he has no income. His mobile DJ business, Entertainment Tonight, is drying up because he is not able to conduct business as he would like to do.

Gary Hourani… Yes the same last name as John… its his brother! Gary moved to Houston from California last year to help care for John during his surgery and rehab. He gave up his Chiropractic practice to work with John on regaining the use of his motor skills… He has literally been Johns left arm and leg at times.. Gary was recentlly told he too has a tumor at the base of his skull. He is scheduled to have it removed this week. That leaves his and John’s mom and dad to deal with two sons in the hospital fighting for their very lives.. and with little to no money to pay for it…

I’m sure there are others… these are just friends of mine that I am thinking of right now. Please say a prayer for them specifically…

One last thing… an account has been set up at Bank of America to help John and his family pay for his treatments and other needs. I’m told they have plenty of food…but they still need your love and support and prayers. The account information is listed below if you can help. A benefit concert raised close to $1000.00 for John just a week or so ago…but much more is needed.

Sorry this is not the usual light hearted fare that I have been writing about… but these are good people who are suffering right now…And I hope you will help.


Bank of America
Account # 586-023-486-976 for John Hourani


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