No One Answered…

Many of us these days use our driving time to take care of making phone calls. I know that’s usually when I get to talk to my mom as well as several of my friends. I reserve the drive to and from work for those who I know I will be on the line with for awhile. But there are times when I dial… and no one answers.

That was the case this afternoon as I left my house headed for work in the Galleria area. Its a good half hour or so of quality talking time (using a hands free device of course)…but no one answered. I tried about three numbers in my cell phone before figuring out that I had wasted about a third of my talking time trying to find someone to talk to, when in reality, there was someone with me the entire time just waiting for me to talk to Him.

It brought back memories of the days gone by before cell phones when those drive times were my quiet time to be with God…praying.. singing…meditating on lessons learned or the ones I needed to learn. It felt good to talk to Him on the way to work… and yes I talked out loud. We worked through several issues that had been on my mind… I unloaded plenty of things that had been weighing heavily on me, some of which had caused me to lose sleep at night. I also spent a lot of time telling Him thank you for being so good to me and providing for the things my family needed. It was as if I were talking with an old who was happy to hear from me and wants me to stay in touch more often than I have been doing. I plan to do just that… so if you’re one of those folks I usually call while I am driving, you may have to wait your turn for a while. I know you won’t mind.

I still got to talk to my mom for about an hour a little later in the evening… and I got an email from one of the friends I had tried calling…so everything worked out according to God’s plan. Looks like He was the reason why no one answered…


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