Starting the Day With A Smile :)

I started the day with a smile today, literally.

Its not something I would expect to have happen considering all that is going on in our world. Gas prices rising, budget cuts causing teacher layoffs, kids bringing guns to schools, political bickering and blaming on both sides of the aisle. These are tough times.

Even on a personal level, Angie and I have plenty on our plate to keep us worried and working. Her dad has been in the hospital for several days now and they still haven’t figured out exactly whats going on with him. Our oldest daughter Nikki was recently involved in a wreck and her car was totaled… Thankfully, she was not hurt badly but the car is gone and it wasn’t completely paid for yet. Our youngest lives in Long Island, New York. In the same county where officials have been uncovering bodies from a suspected serial killer who preyed on young women. Meanwhile here at home, Angie’s car is in the shop, and the repair bill which was only going to be about $650 may be about to triple because they say she is likely to need a new engine, not just new fuel injectors.

I’m sure there’s more but I think you get the idea.

Even so, I started the day with a smile as I walked out my back door on my way to my home studio in the garage and saw an Easter Lilly almost ready to bloom.

Many of you who know my wife and I, know that we are not good at keeping plants alive. Our grass grows well, but so do the weeds. In fact our grass grows better in the cracks of the sidewalk and driveway than it does anywhere else. Our flower beds are almost always getting attention, but it’s the attention of the homeowners association demanding that we at least try to make them pretty. Our patio is littered with lifeless pots, with little or nothing growing in them. We have the remnants of what used to be a beautiful ficus tree in the back yard… its now a twisted and broken mess of bare limbs and roots that didn’t make it through the last winter. The same story can be told of a huge philodendron in the back yard and what we always called a fiddle leaf fig plant. All dead or dying. But this Easter Lilly is something else.

Just a few months ago, we found the pot that has held this plant for several years laying on its side, with about half the dirt falling out. We suspect a cat tried to bury something there or maybe it was the dog….I gave it up for dead, but it is back. And its right on time. It has been through its tough times in the past year, just like we are experiencing now, yet it keeps coming back each year at Easter to show us new life. Just like everything it symbolically represents. It remains constant each year and renews our faith that God will see us through all the things we face and that we have hope for our future.

Happy Easter


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