Answered Prayers

A couple of months ago I was in a particularly down mood and was getting more and more upset with how life was turning out for me and my family. It seemed that the harder we tried, the more problems we would encounter… it was everything from a lack of financial resourses, to car troubles, health issues, the death of Angie’s dad and all the stress that something like that brings.. I remember praying out loud in my truck on the way home from one of my late night shifts at 107.5 the Eagle. It was as if I were speaking to a friend sitting in the seat next to me.. On that drive home, I poured out my heart and prayed for change to take place.. I prayed that God would open my eyes to opportunities to better myself and our situation… and I had a faith that He would do just that.. what I didn’t know was what he really had already set in motion that I had not been able to see.

Here’s how it all unfolded… A few weeks before this prayer, I was given an opportunity to work part time at 89.3 KSBJ, (the station which uses the slogan “God Listens”) I had been a listener and fan of the station for a while.. Angie listened to it regularly…. and a friend of mine from another job had gone to work there and wanted to bring me on to work weekends. After they offered the job, Angie and I decided that I should turn it down, even though it would be a great ministry opportunity for me… We just didn’t want to give up our weekend time together. A reasonable decision… or so I thought at the time.

Then, the day I had the conversation with God on my way home from work, I remember reading a facebook post from my High School buddy Tim Allen… he said “If you want God to listen to you, maybe you should start listening to God…” hmmm.
I didn’t think much more about the KSBJ job at the time, but this statement kept coming back to mind… Perhaps I wasn’t tuned in to what God was telling me. The next day, I had an email from my KSBJ friend again offering to put me on the air in an upcoming opening…. This time I said to myself.. .maybe I should say yes this time… because there is a reason for it being offered again…. I decided maybe God wanted me to give up my selfish desire to have my weekends off… so I should give it a shot and see how it worked out. About a week later, I was at the radio station signing employment paperwork, getting ready to step out of my comfort zone and work on Christian Radio for the first time in my life and ready to give up my free time to do it. That evening after I got back home.. my email had a note in it from another radio friend, JP Pritchard. (former morning news host on KTRH) He said a friend of his wanted to talk to me…and I should call.. so I did. That was the beginning of my association with News 92 FM, the new News station coming to the Houston market in mid November. It was a whirlwind of activity over the coming days… starting a weekend shift on KSBJ… still working a weekend shift on 107.5… and still doing news every weekday on KSEV, AM 700.. Then came the offer from Radio One for me to come work with them on News 92 FM… My wife and I could not believe how quickly it all came together.. and we wanted to go tell everyone how good God was being to us…but we were under a Non Disclosure Agreement until yesterday…so we had to keep it to ourselves… Now I want to let the world know, that God does Listen… but we must listen to Him too. Pay attention to the details of your life and you just may see God’s hand moving in your daily life. I had given up on looking for a job.. I didn’t send either of these radio stations my resume until after they came to me asking for it.. .how did they know I would be interested? I can only imagine…

I say thanks to all who have offered prayers on our behalf during the past two years of off and on employment and most of all I thank God for being gracious enough to lead me through the tough times in preparation for what I am now beginning.

There are plenty of other God moments in the story… including the way He prepared me for this opportunity by putting me in a position to learn the news side of the business in the past 10 or more years… but I won’t go into all those details now….

Thats it for now… just remember, we often have to experience what has been called a Joseph Experience before we achieve what God has planned for us. Joseph was shunned by his brothers, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery and locked up in prison before he was raised to be a leader… I can now see how all of those things have happened in my life as well.

He’s still working on me!


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