The Company Spokesman

You put an amazing amount of work into making your business or product stand out in the marketplace.

Even something that looks very simple, like a short explainer or branding video, doesn’t just happen.

Before that video plays on your website, someone, somewhere had to come up with a concept, write a script, storyboard the entire thing, plan each shot and record and edit hours of video.

But that alone only tells part of the story.

That is when you bring in the company spokesman to deliver your message the way you want it done.

I’ve been building my brand as a trusted source of news and information for than 30 years, and I am grateful to now be the company spokesman in projects for HP, Shell, CB&I, BP and ConocoPhillips.

If these corporate giants and dozens of others have counted on me to deliver educational, safety and corporate messages… you can too.

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